In January 2009, two men met at a footpath piano outside the Queen Victoria Building as part of the Festival of Sydney. One of them played the battered piano whilst the other one sang and entertained the crowds as they walked past. Many of them stayed to listen. Later that evening, over a pizza, the two men decided that it had been a special evening, and discussed how they may do it again. Did I mention they were both called Paul? Because that was the night that 2Pauls was born.

For months they rehearsed and rehearsed, until finally they got a gig in a pub on a Sunday afternoon. Under the name of “2Pauls and a Piano” they would do 2 hours of songs, interspersed with stories about movies, music and the theatre. Over the months their repertoire and confidence increased.

Eventually they dropped the “and Piano” and moved to a venue in inner Redfern. As 2Pauls they started to do legitimate cabaret shows. The shows always involved multiple characters and voices. They tackled the greats of Musical Theatre – Rocky Horror, the Sound of Music, Grease – adding their own twists and turns to what were once well known stories. Throughout their shows, they would take you on a journey of character analysis and musical whimsy. With clever quick costume changes and a frightful range of voices, Paul G would transform before your eyes into anything from a lisping 5 year old Austrian girl to a warbling mountain climbing nun to a rich deep voiced Captain with 7 children.

2Pauls have sung at Art Gallery openings, engagement parties and charity events; they have entertained skiers in Perisher, drinkers in Petersham and even a Prime Minister’s wife.