Cootamundra here we come

Well, the news is out, we are returning to Cootamundra. We had such a great time performing “the Sound of Musik” show there last year. And they must have liked us because the asked us back. So in May we are taking the “Grease like you’ve never seen it before” show for 2 very special […]

What’s new in 2014 for 2Pauls

Well, here it is, 2014 already. And whilst it has been nice having some time off over Christmas, the 2Pauls have not been idle. We are in the process of writing a new show. Now this process consists of Paul G sitting down for hours at his computer, typing rubbish, retyping rubbish, re-arranging rubbish, cleaning […]

Thanks for everything in 2013

Well we had a sensational final Christmas Cabaret Show today.  Thank to a wonderful audience – we had as much fun as you seemed to be having.  We hope you enjoyed the South African signer…  😉 There will be more shows in 2014 and we are entering the International Cabaret Competition.  If we’re chosen, the heats […]

Christmas is here

Christmas is here and the 2Pauls have already created musical mayhem with their Christmas Carol Cabaret. This is their Christmas Variety rehashed tag show, folks, and you shouldn’t miss it. With guest appearances by some very special characters, they revisit Charles Dickens in a way that can only be described as irreverent. Opening night last […]


How exciting. The 2Pauls finally have their web site up an running (again). We are a little busy with our latest show: Grease – Like You’ve Never Seen it Before – but we promise to get some great blogging underway soon. So stay tuned, meanwhile have a look and see what we have on YouTube […]