“The Diva still wears Old Spice”, starring Paul Gasper, is an amusing and sometimes poignant life journey featuring songs from some of the great divas of our time. From early memories of radios and vinyl, to the modern day of MP3 and streaming, it’s a lesson in history. The musical equivalent of a lonely planet guide accompanied by the likes of Adele, Dusty, Judy, Liza, Barbra and more.

Whether he is singing in the shower or in the supermarket aisle, the Divas from the 60s and 70s have always filled Paul’s head with a living soundtrack – a bit like hearing voices only with harmony. And now somewhere past 50, he looks back at how and when the Divas in his head have guided his life, from early childhood movie star crushes to the modern day of internet dating.

Accompanied by Paul M on piano and occasional vocals, there is a little something in this show for everyone. If nothing else, you can always sing along, quietly. His mum always does, so it must be ok!

Who were these great women of song and screen and are they still relevant today? And more importantly, who will replace them as time goes by? The answer to these and so many other questions will be answered when you see “The Diva still wears Old Spice”.

Diva still wears Old Spice